5 Tips to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

I’m assuming you’ve thought this whole ‘how to get her back’ thing out fellas; if you’re anything like me than it is probably what has been weighing on your mind the heaviest right now. That’s completely normal. Don’t fret or lose hope, the methods provided by these links are the most reliable option out there for winning back her love on the internet. It’s proven and based on a well-researched concept of emotional reframing.

The basic idea stems from the fact that while we are each as individual as a snowflake (not to use a tired cliché or anything), we speak a very similar emotional language on a very basic level. And by observing humans in a host of situations, a revolutionary insight has been gained in the way men and women interact with each other on an emotional level. So here’s some of the basic premises to think on while you’re deciding whether or not you really want her back, whether or not you TRULY want her back.

get your ex girl back

The method in which you first reach out to her is extremely important. Would a five-star General go into battle without a well-thought out plan of execution? No, absolutely not and neither should you. Depending on your current circumstances, the way thing have been left will go a long way in helping you to decide the best course of contact, whether it be a phone call, text, face to fact meeting or in certain instances even an email.

A big part of emotional reframing involves you thinking critically about her. Keep in mind that there is a good chance she thinks she is taking the split harder than you. This is due to an inherent difference in how men and women perceive and process emotional trauma. Men have a tendency to be more inward with our emotions and hurt while women tend to be more outward or showing when it comes to these kinds of things. You’ll have to do some thinking from her point of view but don’t fret; the links can show just how this is done.

How the first meeting goes is definitely important, but probably not important in the way you are imagining. While you certainly want things to go smoothly during this pivotal process what is most important is the manner in which you carry yourself. Now, this is one part that may be as difficult as it sounds, but it if you really want her back than it is certainly doable. Calm and cool is the order of the day boys. More on that later.

The perceived slight, whether on your part or hers, is not of the utmost importance. Obviously, if you did her wrong than that will have to be addressed but that happens later on, down the road so to speak. The first and most important thing at this point in the game is getting back in her emotional confidence and that is exactly what these links will show you how to do. You see, you need her to see what it was about you two that got you together in the first place. By reframing our emotional intelligence and language we can subtly stir up these emotions and feelings which makes the rest of the process that much easier.

Whether or not she is already with someone else romantically or even if she left you for someone else is not critical for this process to work. It’s simply a matter of a different kind of reframing. Sure, it might take a little more effort and time to get your ex girlfriend back and might even be uncomfortable at times but it will work if you follow these links. If you really and truly want her back than you need to get going on this and you need to get going now. Let’s start now so she’ll back in your arms at the soonest possible point. God Speed Gentlemen and Happy Hunting.